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Stay Positive

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Last month’s tip was inspired by Valentine’s Day, and this month’s is influenced by all the bright, spring-y sunshine and the fact it’s no longer pitch black by the time I leave work at the end of the day: Stay positive!!

This applies to every step of the publishing process. I’m sure you thought of the querying right away, but having an optimistic outlook is important when you’re on submission, making edits, doing marketing stuff, etc.

It can be easy to let yourself get dragged down by the little negatives or see others farther along in the process than you are, but if you let it consume you, you’re going to be really bitter and then you’re going to murder an innocent bystander.

Having a positive attitude will also go MILES when dealing with your agent, editor, copy editor, publicist, designer, and so forth. I know that I always feel much more enthused about doing something for authors who ask nicely instead of criticizing or blaming or demanding.

Of course, the warning label on this tip is that is just applies to your general outlook. If something is going really wrong or your experiencing unprofessional or frustrating behavior from someone you are working/corresponding with, don’t plaster a smile on your face and feel like you have to white knuckle it! Those moments are when it’s 100% right to let someone know what is wrong.

This tip is just to say don't let the everyday downers of being an author get to you and also to keep up polite communication (especially, as I was reminded recently, it is VERY HARD to read someone’s tone in an email!).

So channel your inner Pollyanna (my mom’s advice to angsty teen me) and go forth!

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