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I am a literary agent and audio rights director at LDLA, who is known to dole out pretty great advice on occasion.

I have been passionate about books for as long as I can remember, but I first became interested in agenting after a friend encouraged me to apply for a summer internship at Writers House over our sophomore break.  I commuted back and forth from my home in Connecticut three days a week and knew that this was what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing...minus the hour-and-a-half train ride.

Now I live in Queens, and when not immersed in a good book, love shopping at the city's green markets, exploring new neighborhoods, tackling DIY apartment decorating, and snuggling with my cats.


Follow me on Twitter and pay a visit to my old blog to learn more about my life pre-2019.


You can also check out my Publishers Marketplace Dealmaker page.

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Send a concise email query letter to: queries [at] ldlainc [dot] com.

Please include your book's title and "Carrie Pestritto" in the subject line. (Example: Query - TITLE for Carrie Pestritto)

Your query letter should include:

• a short pitch

• a short plot summary

• and a short bio

Also note previous submission or publishing history, if applicable.  If you are a debut author, do not worry.

After your query letter, PASTE the first 5-10 pages of your novel into the body of the email—I don't open unrequested attachments.  A synopsis is welcome, but not required.

My (Average) Submission Timeline

Once I receive your query, if I am going to request pages, I usually do so by the 2 month mark.  When I receive a partial, it goes to my TBR pile and I try to respond with feedback in about 3-6 months.




I'll be one of the Pitch Wars agents again this year...and I'm already gearing up for the frenzy!!

Pitch Wars Agent Showcase

Feb. 5-10, 2020



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